• Managed Networks provides remote monitoring, maintenance and reporting on servers, workstations, laptops, tablets and other network components such as routers and printers to ensure maximum uptime of your IT assets.

  • Managed Anti-Virus protection uses a highly efficient and effective agent running on the target system to provide real-time detection and removal of all malware threats including rootkits.

  • Managed Local Backup creates local image backups which are required in order to perform bare metal restores in the event of total disasters.

Managed IT Services

jmrDesign offers the following comprehensive services to remotely monitor, maintain and troubleshoot Windows servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and Android and iPhone devices.

  • Managed Online Backup offers the protection of sending client files and/or backup image files into the cloud for an additional layer of disaster recovery protection.

  • Mobile Device Management provides remote monitoring of mobile devices like Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile smartphones to protect both device hardware and content stored on the phones.

  • Patch Management services are focused on ensuring that the managed systems are always up to date with the latest operating system updates as well as updates for commonly used application programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

  • Wireless Network Monitoring and Management dramatically improves the security of Wi-Fi networks by closely monitoring the Access Points on the network in order to reduce the threats associated with unwanted hacker attacks.

  • Microsoft 365 Management offers organizations another layer of protection by actively managing and monitoring the licensing and use of the components that make up the Microsoft Office platform.

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